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Reason to Start GATE 2020 Preparation Early

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering exam, more commonly known as the GATE is a very important exam that almost every engineering student aspires to give one day. This exam is conducted by IIT’s and IIS’s on behalf of MHRD (Ministry of Human Resources Development). It is conducted to test an engineering graduate’s comprehensive understanding of all concepts.

A higher GATE score could help an engineering graduate pursue post-graduation and doctoral programs at the best institutes including IITs, IISs, NIITs, and many others. This is why students wish for a higher score to secure their future.

However, GATE is often thought of as a hard shell to crack, i.e., it takes years of learning and practice in order to crack this exam and get a good score. Although this is true, you needn’t get disheartened if you have not yet started your GATE 2020 Preparation.

If you are aiming to give GATE exams of 2020, which will be held in the month of February, and wish to know when you should start preparing and why then here is your answer: Start Preparing As Early As Possible!

You may even start your GATE 2020 Preparation Today itself! This will give you a duration of almost one year to gain as much knowledge as possible to ace your exam!

Reasons To Start GATE 2020 Preparation Early

The earlier you start, the more thorough you will get with your GATE 2020 Preparation. It will give you enough time to dwell on each subject and all their topics, making you fully confident in all of them!

Here are a few reasons that show how important it is to start your GATE 2020 Preparation!

Meet the Rising Competition Headfirst

It is common knowledge to every GATE candidate that lakhs of students appear for this exam. This means that you will be competing along with a large number of candidates from every field of engineering!

The number of students who appeared for GATE in 2017 was 9,71,148! This means that an estimated of 1 to 2 lack students appeared for GATE from every engineering branch!

As opposed to this total number, the number of seats offered for Masters studies in the top institutes like IITs, IISs, NIIT, etc., is almost negligible! This definitely makes for a nerve-wreaking competition between candidates.

Therefore, to keep yourself from falling into the average category of students who wish to give the GATE exam in the future, it is best to get started during your 2nd or 3rd year of engineering. If you take your GATE preparation seriously for at least 2 or 3 years, then you might be giving yourself a better chance at achieving a top GATE score!

Better Shot for Elite Exams

Most students dream of becoming a Civil Servant. Therefore, they run rampant to give elite exams like ESE, IAS, etc. However, these exams to are not a piece of cake! They need proper and dedicated preparation from the candidates.

This is why, if you have started preparing for your GATE, say along with your graduation, it would automatically provide you with a better shot at those elite exams. This is another reason why starting preparation for GATE at an early stage is advisable.

Opens Many Opportunity Gates

Most Public Sector organizations who fall under the elite category use GATE as one of the main criteria for hiring! This means that you could get your dream job because of your good GATE score! Apart from that, other exams that are conducted country-wide have almost the same syllabus and structure as GATE exam! Therefore, if you feel you are well prepared for your GATE, then it could give you a confidence boost for all the other exams like PSU exams!

There is Too Much To Study

If you have ever gone through the syllabus of the GATE exams, then you might be aware of how monstrous it is! Making yourself an expert in every subject in a short duration of time is next to impossible without also making yourself overstressed!

Moreover, many of the subjects that are included in the syllabus are from the 3rd and 4th year of engineering! Therefore, if you start preparing for GATE during that time, it can help you hit two birds with one stone! This will also make it easy for you to cope up with the large syllabus.

Help Your Graduation Studies

The syllabus of GATE includes most of the subjects that are taught during graduation whether for engineering or for any other science field. This is because the GATE exam is built to test your knowledge in these streams! Therefore, if you start your GATE preparation during your graduation, it can help you better understand every concept and improve your overall graduation results!

This means that studying for your GATE exam can help your graduate studies and study for your graduation can help your GATE 2020 preparation! All you need to know is how to prepare and practice in an efficient and effective way!

Here are a few tips that can help you prepare for your GATE exam in an efficient, stress-free manner!

  • Allot time for every single subject. Dedicate 2-3 weeks on all subjects, even if you feel they are easy for you! You really need to learn the art of Time Management.
  • DO NOT skip any subject if you feel it is hard for you to study. Doing so can make you lose some very important marks instantly!
  • After you have covered 3 or 4 subjects, make sure you revise them every so often, so that you do not forget all that you have learned!
  • Do not try to cram and learn. Instead, go for the understand and learn approach! It will help build a strong foundation in your mind about important concepts which you will not ever forget easily! You will also be able to solve complex questions with ease if you have a good understanding of its concept!
  • Go behind quality over quantity. If you think that learning from a plethora of books will give you a better chance of achieving your goal, then you are absolutely wrong! Studying from a lot of books can only make you confused. This is why it is always better to get only those books which are reliable and have a good reputation! Using only those can help you get more comprehensive knowledge!
  • Coaching classes or self-study, it does not make much difference! If you have prepared a good structure and course of action to follow, you can achieve much more than what you could, if you attended a coaching class!

If you have set your goals high and wish to achieve them, then you will have to be proactive in your approach to them! Making sure you start preparing for your GATE exam early is one of the steps that can lead you to get a grand score in it! Also, try to follow a well-defined study plan so that you can cover as much as possible in the best manner! If you are set back by your GATE 2019 Result, then wait this is not the time to be sad and crib, get up and bang your GATE 2020 Preparation.


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