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How to Stay Calm with GATE Syllabus Vastness?

Handling exam pressure is a herculean task. Exams always bring a lot of stress undoubtedly. GATE syllabus is limitless and time is not enough for preparation.

Further, it depends on your potential how long you will take to complete the whole GATE syllabus.

More often than not, students are found overwhelmed by the vast GATE syllabus including their high expectations, and the most common reason for such situation is lack of planning.

You must understand that effective preparations require proper planning otherwise things go awry and eventually you feel that you will not be able to handle the pressure of GATE.

Here are some ways to stay cope up with the huge syllabus of GATE:


#1 Make a smart timetable before Starting off with GATE Syllabus

To hit the ground running, you need a brilliant timetable. Contribute enough time to each subject.

All subjects can be difficult to handle every day, so study each subject at alternative days.

Beginning time will definitely be difficult as you have to understand all concepts thoroughly. However, these efforts will cut down on revision time.

Making a timetable is an art and sticking to that is challenging. So make your timetable feasible and reasonable.

Each subject is different and therefore you cannot contribute equal time to all of them.

Over the months, you will find a stronger command over some subjects than others. You will contribute less time to strong subjects and more time to your weak subjects. Therefore, you cannot stick to the same timetable that you made earlier.

A timetable does never mean including only study hours. Your timetable must include break time, important meetings and other tasks that are supposed to be carried out. This will help you stay organized.

#2 Do a thorough study 

How will you able to ace your GATE if you do not get hold of concepts? Do not mug up. Cramming will never help you get through your exam as you are going to face different questions.

Do not spoil your beginning months in carrying out unnecessary tasks. Attend classes regularly, practice all questions and do not move onto the next chapter unless you have deciphered the previous one.

Do not skip your study even for a single day as it becomes difficult to complete the GATE syllabus within time and eventually you feel like you have been crushed under the burden of the syllabus.

Make notes as they will help you a lot during your revision time. Make diagrams and tables to understand concepts quickly.

Practice as many questions as you can. Buy several reference books and finish them. The more questions you practice, the more skills you hone.

You must remember that you should be able to solve any kind of question if you want to qualify the exam.

#3 Stay away from distractions

Do you love to hang out with your friends? Of course yes, but do you think you can afford this if your goals are to qualify GATE?

Definitely not, GATE syllabus is incredibly overwhelming. You cannot afford to waste your time roaming with your friends.  

You have to show dedication from starting if you want to perform outstandingly. Distractions can be your friends, lack of concentration, parties, and functions. Just try to Focus on GATE Preparation.

Keep them aside unless you sit GATE. You do not need to embroil yourself into unimportant issues such as paying utility expenditure as long as you have somebody else to do such tasks.

If you have poor concentration, meditate at least half an hour. This will abate your stress and anxiety too.

Think positive even if you have foreboding. Do not think that the GATE syllabus is enormous or you will not be able to cope up with it.

#4 Revise and Revise 

When a few months are left to your exam, you should utilize them for your revision. Use those notes that you made at the time of your thorough study.

Attempt past papers and mock tests to assess your level. Make sure that you complete sample tests within the given time.

Look out for questions that you answered wrong. Revise those chapters thoroughly once again. Develop a progress sheet that will show your scores.

Make sure that your next score is higher than the previous one. It will help you stay motivated.

#5 Combat Monotony

Undoubtedly, you have to stay away from distractions, but it does not mean that you cannot enjoy your life.

Constant studies without any break bring boredom. It makes your brain exhausted and dull. Follow creative ways to feel light and happy.

Engage in interactive activities such as fun games and mind games to unwind. These activities will help you retain information for a long time.

You can also watch a show for your entertainment. Listen to songs you like as they will lift your mood. Refreshment is paramount to withstand the load of GATE syllabus.

#6 Clear your doubts

It is not surprising if you have doubts, however, you do not wait to have them cleared unless your examination day pops up.

Ask your coach immediately as you come across them. If you keep your doubt unclarified, you will not be able to solve questions correctly.

If you are not taking GATE coaching, you should ask your friends, look into your books and do some online research.

Clearing doubts are as important as making an effective study schedule, or else you will find difficulty solving questions, get frustrated and eventually you will give up.

#7 Be committed to your studies

Students get overwhelmed with GATE syllabus as they do not set in motion since the beginning, but this is not the only reason why you get affected by the syllabus.

You have to accept that it is going to be painful for a while. Comprehending concepts and getting hold of them is a quite convoluted thing.

Do not feel depressed and tensed as you are taking a long time because this is inevitable.

Make it easier to resist the temptation of putting off your studies, which can be anything such as useless chatting with your friends or you are not able to do it.

You can stay committed to your studies if you make realistic goals and make all efforts into the direction of achieving them.

If you have decided to complete two chapters, you try all the harder to complete them. However, do not make any unrealistic goals as it will dampen your spirit only.

Take full accountability of your tasks. If you have thought of completing a few topics, you must go through them even if you got busy due to other tasks.

#8 Do not ignore health

Completing the full syllabus before time is crucial so that you can revise, but this comes to happen if you are healthy.

Do not ignore the importance of your health during GATE Preparation otherwise you will be lagged behind and in the end, you will feel the intolerable burden of studies.

Eat healthy food and do not skip your meal even if you are extremely busy. Manage to grab some snack to nibble. Drink sufficient water as it will keep dehydration at bay.

Lack of water causes fatigue and obscurity, which leads difficulty in assimilating concepts. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of water. You should also add juice to your menu to prevent dehydration.

Do not include any food that causes bloating and indigestion such as junk or processed food as you may fall ill. Eat food that provides stamina.

You also need proper sleep. According to doctors, a healthy person should sleep for eight hours. Since you cannot compromise with your studies and GATE certainly requires hard work, you may be reluctant to sleep. Despite you should sleep for six hours.

When you sleep properly, memory works better. An enervated mind will not be able to grasp and learn things.

Eat healthily and sleep well. As long as you follow this principle, you will be able to prepare for GATE without feeling it as a burden.

#9 Break it up into manageable pieces

Studying GATE is a daunting task. Wide syllabus seems frightening so you should break it up into manageable pieces.

Focus on one topic at a time and practice questions related to that topic before moving to another chapter.

If you hurry to switch from one chapter to another, you will miss getting hold of concepts. Everyday spare some time to revise what you learned a day before to make sure that you do not forget what you have learned.


Any syllabus seems tortuous and overwhelming, but it is up to you how you look at things. If your perspective is good toward things, you will be able to tackle difficult things easily.

Similarly, if you keep positive perception, you will be able to complete your GATE syllabus. Motivation apart, however, you should begin the preparation from the first day – make a timetable, follow a creative approach, stay away from distractions, and be committed to your studies.

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