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Things you should do before appearing for GATE

There would be a plethora of questions that would probably be bothering you before you appear for your GATE exam. You might have insecurities on the amount of your preparation. You might be tensed about how much marks you would get or what the difficulty level of the question paper would be. You may have uncertainties about your performance during the exam hour or you might not know what strategy you should apply for negative marking. Worry not, we have comprised a few tips that would help you overcome your fears and help you in GATE exam preparation.

Things to do before GATE examination

Don’t bother about the competition

While it is undeniable that there are about a hundred thousand students who’d probably be appearing for the GATE exam, you must know only 10 to 15 percent of them would have actually prepared earnestly. So, technically you are competing with just those 15 percent of students, and thus, you shouldn’t even feel like there is a huge number of people contending with you in the exam.

Stay calm and confident

What you should also remember is to stay confident about your preparation and also stay calm as possible. Because regardless of how well you have prepared, a disturbed mindset can lead to making silly mistakes in the exam and ruin the answer paper. On the other side, a candidate with calm mindset will be able to qualify to answer the questions.

Let the difficulty level of the question paper not bother you

It is the time we talked about your question paper. If the level of difficulty is low or high does not actually matter since it will be the exact same for all others who are writing the paper. So, do not bother about the kind of questions that would possibly appear.

Academics don’t really matter

We have come across many students with a mindset that says that if they haven’t performed good in their academics, there is no chance for them in GATE. Consider our words, there is no link between qualifying the GATE exam and your academic performance. We have come across many toppers who would have just been an average student securing average marks in their academics. GATE exam requires a different skill set and thus, your academics cannot decide if you’ll excel in GATE.

Last Week Strategy Before GATE

Strategy against negative marking

We all know that GATE has got 0.33 negative marks for a question carrying 1 mark, and 0.66 marks for a question carrying 2 marks. Do your research and see how much marks is needed at minimum to qualify in GATE. If you are facing problems in your exam hour and if you think you are close to the qualifying score, do not take the risk of just guessing the answers to these questions. Most of the times, students have only lost marks trying to do this. However, if you think you have not reached the qualifying score yet, you can always try and guess answers since you would not have any other option left.

That’s pretty much about it!

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