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Got Bad Score in GATE 2019 Exam? 7 Ways to Deal with the Failure

‘Fail’ is such a negative word to say or hear. It can make a person feel very desolate and unmotivated. Having failed in an exam, especially one which is as important as the GATE exam can be very heartbreaking. This is because most students spend years and years preparing for it!

If you have failed your GATE exam, you might feel disappointed in yourself and even angry at the time and efforts you put into it. However, it is not good to let this disappointment dictate your life! In the end, failing an exam does not imply that your entire life has ended!

You must try to overcome all the challenges in your way and turn all the negative energy around you into a positive and motivational thing.

7 Ways to Deal with Bad AIR in GATE Exam?

Here are ways to deal with the setback that you suffered by failing your GATE exam!

  • Analyze your Situation-  Feeling awful about what has been done in the past will do you no good for your future. Therefore, you must try to analyze your situation and find out your best course of action. Think about what options are open to you for your future. Are you willing to wait for next year to give your GATE exams again?
    Or do you wish to move on and try something else? Doing so will help you a lot in figuring out what course of action you can and should take! Another thing you need to analyze is what areas you lack in, where your errors lie and how to overcome them.
  • Create A Good Routine – Your lifestyle contributes a lot to your success as well to your failures. Make sure that you build a new routine and follow it diligently. Doing so will help heal your mind and heart after failing your GATE exam. Try to incorporate healthy habits into your routine and also those activities that make you happy, be it playing a sport, gym, listening to music, dancing or creative activity.
    All these things can help reduce your depressive thoughts and make you see your future in a better life! The more motivated you are, the better your chancing of improving!
  • Do Not Compare Yourself with Others – Others making comparisons of you with others is as it is very annoying. Do not start doing it yourself too! Comparing yourself with others always proves to be extremely disheartening. Refrain from doing so even if your friends and cousins have managed to clear the GATE exam. Instead, try to focus on making yourself better.
    Keep away all the salty thoughts and improve your habits and knowledge so that you can yourself pass the exam if you attempt it the next time.
  • Take Advise from an Experienced Person- Look around you and you will find a number of examples and inspirations. Try talking to someone who has previously been in your situation and managed to succeed later! Seeking their advice will help you understand how to improve your approach for the exam.Also, talk to someone who managed to clear their GATE exam in their very first try! They will be your inspirations who can help motivate you to go better!
  • Take Some Time Off – If you think that your failure means that you should stop living your life, well that’s where you are very wrong! Failing your GATE exam might have nothing to do with the number of efforts you put into preparing for it, but with the approach with which you prepared for it!Therefore, try to stop putting the blame on yourself and take some time off to relax and freshen your mind. This will help you to get started again with a clear and fresh mind and rejuvenate your senses!
  • Open Up to Your Family – Your family is undoubtedly your backbone. Therefore, at times when you are feeling low, their support and encouragement can help lift your spirits! Make sure you do not put yourself in a shell and be reserved about your concerns and decisions!Discuss with them everything that is going on in your mind regarding your future plans, your current feelings and everything else! Their guidance and advice can help you in a way in which nothing else can!
  • Be Open to Opportunities – It is often said that once an opportunity is lost, it remains lost forever. Therefore, make sure you do not restrict your choices and open yourself up to as many opportunities and exposures as possible. You do not know what might be best for you!Therefore, while preparing for your GATE exam, start looking up other competitive exams that you can give or other projects and jobs that you can take part in! By grabbing the opportunity while it is still at hand can make your entire life turn, for the better!

Didn’t Score Good in GATE 2019 Exam? How to Restart?

Now that we have seen a few ways in which you can recover from the setback that you faced from your failure, let us see how to restart your efforts for the next year’s GATE exam!

  • Create a course of action which you can follow to cover as much as you can. By dividing and segregating the amount of time and attention that you will give each subject, you will be able to cover a lot in a little time. Make sure to focus on those areas, where you thought you lacked while giving the GATE exam for the first time. Create a proper study plan and strictly adhere to it.
  • Take your time will every little thing. You do not need to hurry up and complete your entire syllabus. If you start early enough, you will have enough time to slowly pick through every little thing and cover every subject.
  • Since you already have had an experience with the exam and have already studied for it for months, you must start solving sample papers one after another. Try the previous year’s question papers as well. This will again help you understand your weak points, helping you work on them in a more efficient way. Solve test series for GATE Exam.
  • Keep up with the revisions. Do not take for granted the months of study that you put in before going for the exam. You need to keep studying and learning the concepts again and again so that you understand them completely! Revisions will help strengthen your hold on particular subjects. Also try to take lesser time, even while fully covering the entire thing, in a lesser amount of time.
  • Take part in group study sessions. They always prove to be very helpful in making you understand everything that you were not able to, on your own. With your friends, you might also be able to get interested in topics by coming up with fun learning ways. However, refrain from getting side-tracked as it is very easy to do so. If you are serious about your future, then you must know how to balance fun with learning!


Failing and letting the failure rule you is very easy and failing and then making your failure turn into success is very hard! However, no good thing is ever achieved without efforts and endurance! Make sure you keep up your spirits, work hard, and rule over your GATE exams when you give it again!

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