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Why Opt for a Career Through SSC CGL

Whenever most of you guys think of an ideal career option, there would be some criteria to decide it. These criteria vary from person to person but I can say it with full conviction that most of you will be having at least these items in your list:-

  • Decent salary
  • Good work life balance
  • Respect from society
  • Job security
  • Peace of mind
  • Meaningful work
  • Consistent growth
  • Diversification in work

Now there are many jobs that fulfil all the above conditions. Jobs offered through SSC CGL might not be exactly at top of the list but they are not much lower down the order either. Staff Selection Commission (SSC) through Combined Graduate Level (CGL) examination recruits employees for Group B and Group C posts in various departments of Government of India. There are more than thirty different types of jobs offered through SSC CGL which you get according to your performance and preference. Some of the most renowned departments that recruit through SSC CGL are Income Tax Department, Ministry of External Affairs, Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, Central Bureau of Investigation, Intelligence bureau etc.

Let me elaborate on the benefits associated with SSC CGL jobs.

Decent salary

After the Seventh pay commission which came into effect from 1st January 2016, salaries in the government sector are on par with the private sector. Highest paying job through SSC CGL has an annual CTC (cost to company) close to 10 LPA without any vague component which you might have in the private sector. You might get higher packages after MBA but pursuing MBA or any other master degree from top institutions might not always be very feasible for a lower-middle-class aspirant owing to the huge cost involved. Preparation for SSC CGL doesn’t require huge investment and you can ensure your selection purely on the basis of your hard work.

Social Prestige

Some of the posts offered by SSC CGL carry such huge prestige that people will always be in awe. Imagine introducing yourself like

“I work in CBI.”

“I am working as Income tax inspector.”

“I work in Intelligence Bureau.”

“I work in ministry of home affairs.”

“I work in Enforcement Directorate.”

The kind of respect and attention you will get on the mere mention of such powerful departments is something which you will never get in private sector. People will take some time to digest the fact that they are talking to someone from CBI/Income tax department etc. Even businessmen and politicians will be afraid of you as you move up in the departmental hierarchy.

Meaningful work

No matter which government service you are in, you can be mighty proud of yourself that you are working for nation-building. You get to directly serve the country after selection through SSC CGL. You represent India when you are posted in a foreign country in MEA (ministry of external affairs). You are like an economic soldier when you are working in the revenue department. You feel privileged that you are collecting and managing funds for government which will be used in public welfare. You get to know the functioning of government machinery when you are posted in Central Secretariat. You will be doing meaningful work no matter which department you are working in and this will give you huge satisfaction.

Work Culture

Work culture and infrastructure in various ministries where you get selected through SSC CGL is nothing short of its corporate counterparts. The working environment in ministries like MEA (ministry of external affairs) is so top class that you will always feel proud of your choice. Gone are the days where you were supposed to sit and work in messy infrastructure as a government servant. Most of the departments are digitalized now and provide an excellent platform for you to give your best.

Work-life balance

In the pursuit of higher income, sometimes we end up forgetting that our main purpose of life is not to earn money but to live it to its fullest. Most of the jobs that offer higher packages take your work life balance out of the equation. Your personal life goes for a toss and you end up wasting your youth in just earning money, without getting much time to spend it. Most of the government jobs offered through SSC CGL provide an excellent work life balance. You will go to office on fixed time in morning and return by evening. You will have a great deal of time to spend with your family or to pursue your hobbies.

Preparation for higher exams like UPSC

Many of you might want to prepare for UPSC civil services examination (CSE) to get directly recruited in Group A gazetted services but you might also be wary of unpredictable nature of civil services recruitment. Every year, there are many aspirants who appear for SSC CGL so as to get security and continue their UPSC CSE preparation with job. Most of the jobs offered through SSC CGL are not hectic and provide you enough time for further preparations. It’s not a bad strategy to first secure yourself before jumping into the ocean of civil services preparation. Sagar Kumar jha, AIR 13 in UPSC CSE 2016 was already selected as Assistant Section Officer in Central Secretariat Services through SSC CGL. He opted for SSC CGL to get job security so that he can continue his preparation and was successful in it.

Job Diversification

Central government provides various opportunities for its employees to go on deputation to different departments for few years during their services. You get chance to work in different departments like CBI, Enforcement Directorate, Income tax department, customs department etc without switching any job. You will get good exposure and have good contacts in various departments which will add another beautiful chapter to your career. In addition to this, you can opt for Ministry of External Affairs where you will get chance to travel different countries. You will be provided with the best of accommodation, medical facilities and education facilities for your children when posted in foreign countries.

Job Security

The single most important aspect of the government job is the job security. You will not be thrown out of the job no matter how strong the recession is. Unless you get involved in corruption, you can be absolutely sure of being in job till 60 years of age. You can plan your future expenditures, get loans easily and live a secured life.

Consistent Growth

There might not be exponential jumps in your pay scale with promotions and annual increments but no amount of office politics can stop your growth in government sector. Irrespective of your superiors liking your work or not, your basic salary will increase every year, dearness allowance (a part of salary) will increase twice a year and there will be a pay commission every ten years which will further increase your salary. Your salary might not increase exponentially with each promotion but your social status and facilities will definitely get a major boost. Some of the posts like income tax inspector, examiner etc offer all the perks enjoyed by IRS officers once they are promoted to Assistant Commissioner rank.

Other facilities

Apart from your regular salaries, you will get various other facilities like education allowances for your children, leave travel concession after every few years, central government health scheme (CGHS) membership at minimal cost and many others. Many departments like Railways and Income Tax provide holiday homes facilities at nominal cost whenever you are travelling to any part of the country. Some departments like Intelligence Bureau provides 50% discount on air tickets. Railway provides one free pass for its employees to travel anywhere in India free of cost in 2nd AC compartment. Apart from this, railway employees also get three additional passes for their families where they have to pay just 1/3 of actual ticket price. There are many other facilities which you will get to know once you join the departments.

Overall, how one live one’s life is totally dependent on one’s attitude and priorities but still the jobs offered by SSC CGL provide a decent platform to live a comfortable life. When you compare the syllabus and difficulty level of SSC CGL examination with other exams, you will realise that SSC CGL actually gives quite a lot without that much efforts. This is a fact and it is very well known by the aspirants all around the country, that’s precisely the reason why lacks of aspirants apply for mere few thousand posts. The competition is ruthless to say the least but the kind of life you get after clearing this exam gives you enough dose of motivation during your preparation and keeps the fire burning inside your belly.

Understand the pattern, prepare to the best of your capacity and get selected. You will never regret your decision of going for SSC CGL for sure.


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