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Because the world needs better engineers

The Engineers are the needs. They are your geeks! They are the ones who get picked at the last if someone was making a team. But they enroll in math clubs, they build robots, and what not! They are THE Engineers! And we wish you are one. Because the world needs and deserves better engineers!

To become an Engineer, you require a specific intelligence type which you would not find in any Economic major, Government or communications. You must be self-confident and independent. You require Programming skills, Science and mathematics skills. It is a uniqueness which seeks for usage of both the parts of the brain. While few are technically and creatively strong, some are not. Do you think you are one among them? Then you should become an Engineer because the world needs better Engineers! We will tell you why!

The World is basically hardware

Don’t you think? Switches, TVs, computers, cars, planes, mobile phones, printers, robots and what not! The world is filled with hardware. And the world obviously needs people who can design these for them. Someone has to design these machines, and someone has to develop the circuits, the plastic, the wiring, the packaging and so on. This is why we need engineers. They develop hardware. They produce all the devices we use, be it remotes or fighter jets!

The world is also Software

What do you think runs the hardware? It is the software. Gone are the days when stuff used to be inanimate. Most things have life now. They can move, they can seek, they can detect, they can think, and they respond to our requests! They take us way too high into the blue sky, and they take us down deep into the ocean. They conversation with us. They learn! And who do you think write such amazing software? It’s the Engineers!!!

The world is growing older

In the upcoming two decades, over twenty percent of our world population would have hit the retirement age. The life expectancy today is about 80 years old. The old people will need to be cared. They will need pharmaceutical support. They will need body parts. They will require machines that work on behalf of their lungs and heart. They will need assistance in walking and eating. You, as an Engineer, are supposed to make them all! You have a responsibility you can enjoy holding on to!

The world is growing bigger too!

Our current population is over seven billion, and in the coming thirty years, we are estimated to reach about 9.6 billion. More people mean more roads, more tunnels, more bridges, more buildings, better transportation facilities, safer automobiles and so on. Engineers are the ones who make these. And we need more of them!

Do you think you are smart and challenging enough to take up this job? Are you wanting to go out there and make a difference in the world? Then become an Engineer, because the world needs better ones!

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